Natural Ingredients

Bringing you the odors you want.

We conduct research on ways to extract pleasant odors and tastes from natural ingredients, using proprietary extraction, distillation, reaction and fractioning technologies. For example, we research ways to reproduce "momentary aromas" like fresh-brewed coffee, freshly squeezed lemons and fresh-cooked foods, and put those results to work in creating flavors which are a cut above the rest.

We capture the entirety of complex tastes.

The known methods of concentrating odor components obtained from natural sources are evaporative, membrane, synthetic adsorbent and freeze concentration.
Of these methods, heat-free freeze concentration methods are extremely effective at obtaining odor components without degrading the odors and tastes of the original natural source, and known varieties consist of the suspension crystallization and progressive freeze-concentration methods. Given that progressive freeze concentration can process ingredients quickly and handle even low-volume production better than the alternative, it is ideal for the objective mentioned above.
We installed the first progressive freeze concentration production equipment in Japan, and have used it to develop diverse ingredients with delicate yet potent odors and tastes.

Furthermore, we have advanced the technology and patented a method of extracting active ingredients from aqueous solutions (Patent No. 6143808).

Providing the joys of the dining table.

Imagine the sound of food frying in the kitchen, and the delicious smells that come wafting by... Doesn't it make you hungry just thinking of it? The smells of cooking uplift people. In particular, the smell of fresh-baked sweets from the oven and sizzling, fragrant spices in a frying pan delight us. We have developed proprietary extraction methods and established technologies capable of replicating the flavors of fresh-baked sweets and fragrant spices and more (Patent No. 4974302).