Fragrance Creation

Perfumers play a key role in the creation of fragrances. Perfumers select the appropriate ingredients from among thousands of fragrance ingredients when creating scents, tailoring them to the product's role and intent. Our perfumers need to have an incredible sense of smell and sharp senses in order to identify a broad variety of odors. They begin by learning to differentiate individual fragrance ingredients one by one from among the 1,000 or more components that make up a scent. Next, they learn fine points of distinction, like the scent when two ingredients are blended, and how the scent changes based on the ratio of the mixture. They are also required to check the perfumes on the market each day, in order to keep up to date with fragrance trends.
Perfumers are true "fragrance artists." With their highly tuned senses and creativity, they create uniquely imaginative scents. We also send perfumers on overseas training to France, renowned for its perfume, and emphasize training of perfumers whose work is accessible globally.

Research and Development

New fragrance ingredients are vital when creating new scents. When we receive news of flowers or plants with rare scents we head to the location and use varying methods to extract and analyze them. We are actively involved in the development of these new fragrance ingredients, in order to provide scents that meet the needs of the times.

Perfumer compounding fragrances