Flavor Creation

Flavorists play a key role in the creation of flavors.
Flavorists are aware of the expressions and sensations of several thousand varieties of flavor ingredients. They use this knowledge in order to create flavors that enhance the taste of a wide range of foods, through natural and appetizing odors.
Our flavorists draw on a wealth of experience and their sharp senses in order to create new flavors that match the images customers hold. This is possible using flavor ingredients developed through our proprietary natural ingredients processing methods and our advanced analysis technology that we developed through long period of time.

The flavors they create are then added to beverages, candies or seasonings and evaluated by our applicators and evaluators.
The applicators and evaluators have extensive knowledge on the ingredients and manufacturing processes used in the foods flavors are added to, as well as the flavors themselves, and evaluate from the same perspectives as our customers.

In recent years, the food market has seen diversification in consumer needs, shortened product lifecycles, lower prices and increased convenience, alongside reduction of sodium, sugar and fat due to increased health consciousness. We consider all of these market trends when creating flavors.

Form Research

Flavors are used in a wide selection of processed foods, and must be produced in a form appropriate for those foods.
For example, we produce water-soluble flavors with good flavor release for use in beverages, oil-soluble flavors that are stable and heat resistant for use in candies and seasoning processed foods, emulsion flavors that is made by emulsification with flavor base and emulsifier or stabilizer for use in beverages, ice cream and tsukudani, and powdered flavors with excellent heat resistance that disperse easily in powdered soups, snacks and instant noodles. We are engaged in research and development in how to apply our flavors to varying types of food, in order to address customer requirements more rapidly and precisely.

Flavorist at evaluation