Ingredient Development

We handle any sort of smells, stenches, scents, odors, aromas, perfumes, fragrances and flavors.

Our olfactory senses a wide variety of stimulation from nice aromas to unpleasant stenches. All those smells can be created using flavors and fragrances.
Typical flavor and fragrance ingredients are either aroma chemicals or natural ingredients. Aroma chemicals are made primarily using chemical reactions, and natural ingredients are obtained from plants and animals. Several hundred ingredients are compounded together to create flavors and fragrances.
We were one of the quickest companies in the industry to engage in the development and industrialization of aroma chemicals, and we have created numerous original specialty items.
Yet we also cannot neglect development of the ingredients that make up tastes, given the intimate relationship between odor and taste in flavors.
We provide ingredients that impart both odor and taste, centering on dairy, coffee, vanilla and spice ingredients.
The ingredient development researchers at SODA AROMATIC work to address diversifying customer demand using all sorts of technologies, including chemical reactions, extraction, distillation and enzyme modification.