Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information on the SODA AROMATIC website

SODA AROMATIC Co., Ltd. respects the privacy of its customers. Websites operated by the company will respect Japanese laws concerning the protection of personal information and handle personal information with caution, and will operate in accordance with a policy like the one shown below. Furthermore, this policy applies to the handling of personal information on the company's website, and does not apply to domestic affiliate companies, foreign affiliate companies or any websites linked to by the company's homepage. Please contact the companies who own the links or the affiliated companies regarding their respective policies.

1. Purpose of use for personal information

As a general rule, customer personal information is used in order to provide the company's products, services and related information to customers, or in order to improve the company's products and services. In the event that the customer does not desire provision of information on the company's products, services or related information, provision of information can be canceled should the customer provide notice. Furthermore, customer personal information gathered through this website for purposes other than those listed above will have a clear notice of purpose of use given in advance and will not be used outside of said purpose of use.

2. Non-disclosure to third parties

Excluding the respective cases below, personal information provided by the customer will not be provided or disclosed to any third party.

  1. (1) Cases in which the customer consents.
  2. (2) Cases in which disclosure to the company's affiliates is required in order to respond to an inquiry appropriately.
  3. (3) Cases in which disclosure of personal information is required by law, and disclosure is solely to the relevant public office.

3. Updates to registered information

The company will respond via the appropriate method in the event that the customer provides notice requesting update, confirmation, revision or deletion, etc. of information the customer personally registered. This shall only occur in the event that the company is able to verify that the notice is provided by the customer him- or herself or an authorized representative of the customer.

4. Safety measures

The company will take reasonable and appropriate safety measures in order to manage and administer customer personal information safely, and to prevent risks of unauthorized external access to or loss, destruction, tampering or leaks of personal information.

5. Changes to this policy

The items above may be reviewed and revised as needed in conjunction with changes, etc. to laws governing handling of customer personal information.