Analytical Research

Scientifically Studying Flavors and Fragrances

Invisible Flavors and Fragrances are collections of odor components at the ppm level. We take a wide variety of approaches to understand these flavors and fragrances, such as investigating how humans sense smells and discovering key odor components in natural sources in order to visualize what components they contain, and which of these are important. We then apply the results to new flavor and fragrance development in coordination with ingredient development and flavor and fragrance creation.

Analytical Equipment

We have equipment to accurately analyze trace amounts of complex flavors and fragrances. We also work towards creating new extraction methods, and we have established methods of effectively collecting freshly squeezed lemon flavor and more. We have GC, GC×GC-MS, GC-MS for sniffing, LC, IR, NMR, real-time mass spectrometer and other cutting-edge devices for analysis. We use extraction techniques and analytical equipment to identify the target odor components, even when dealing with only trace amounts.

Fundamental Research

"What is a nice odor" and "How do people experience odors?" We engage in various types of fundamental research in order to find a scientific answer to these questions. Combined use of our accumulated technologies like our proprietary evaluation system and technologies to capture odor components gives rise to synergistic effects, and provides contributions to our development of new flavors and fragrances.

Complex Odor Evaluation (AROMATCH®)

Understanding interactions of odors through AROMATCH®

Flavor Release

Understanding Deliciousness in Food

Physiological Response

Objectivation of Flavors and Fragrances