CSR Guidelines

  1. Corporate governance and administrative transparency
    Maintain an awareness of our role as a company in contributing to the development of a sustainable society, constantly review administrative systems and structures and strengthen internal regulations, work to disclose appropriate information as needed and advance sincere CSR efforts.
  2. Corporate ethics and respect for laws
    Treat corporate ethics and respect for laws as priority issues for management and hold high standards of justice, ethics and responsibility among all officers and employees, in order to secure society's trust.
  3. Safety, sanitation, disaster prevention and environmental conservation
    Treat safety, sanitation, disaster prevention and environmental conservation as priority issues for management. Work to guarantee social and employee health and safety alongside environmental conservation in all processes, from raw material procurement through product production, provision and disposal.
  4. Product safety and quality
    Maintain awareness of the importance of product safety and quality assurance and work to enhance the management system and information sharing, in order to provide products that are safe and reliable.
  5. Risk management
    Work to reduce company-wide risks, including information security risks. Construct systems capable of a swift response and accurate information disclosure in the event of an unexpected situation, and work to spread awareness of these to all employees.
  6. Promotion of dialog with stakeholders
    Promote dialog and cooperation with all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, investors, customers, consumers, regional societies, NPOs, government and administrative entities, mass media and analysts.
  7. Human resources training and human rights promotion
    Work to diversify hiring, and secure and train human resources. Work to protect employee positions, respect human rights and continually improve the work environment.
  8. Promotion of CSR procurement
    Engage in CSR programs such as environmental friendliness, legal compliance and promotion of human rights together with procurement and purchasing sources .
  9. Social contribution efforts
    Engage with programs to encourage science, technology, arts, culture and social welfare through appropriate dividends, as a good corporate citizen.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

At SODA AROMATIC, we view proactive environmental conservation as a key administrative issue, and work to promote environmental preservation in all realms of corporate activity, including energy savings, emissions and waste reductions, promotion of recycling and other activities. We have also obtained the international ISO 14001 environmental management system certification for all of our Japanese factories.


SODA AROMATIC Basic Philosophy on Environmental Management

  1. Environmental conservation is fundamental for corporate activities, and necessary measures are prioritized.
  2. Be responsible for environmental conservation and engage in thorough self-management.
  3. Work to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation with all strata of society, with regard to local environmental preservation activities.
  4. Take a proactive role in global environmental preservation.