Company Profile

Trade Name Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd.
Founded April 16, 1915 (Incorporated September 19, 1972)
Capital 1.49 billion yen
Shareholders TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC: 66%, Mitsui & Co., Ltd: 34%
Sales Period ending 03/2022: 17,241 billion yen (consolidated), 12,494 billion yen (individual)
Employees 446 (consolidated), 290 (individual)
Primary Banks Mizuho Bank, Yokoyamacho Branch
SMBC, Nihonbashi Branch
MUFG Bank, Odenmacho Branch
Field of Business Production and sales of all varieties of flavors, fragrances and related products
Executives President and CEO Akihiko Ishimura
Managing Director Yasuhiro Kawasaki
Managing Director Junichi Kato
Director Makoto Mitsuhashi
Director Yoshihiro Ogita
Director Toshitaka Inuzuka
Auditor Shinichi Tachibana