Message from the President

We are painting a glorious future with the invisible shades of odors.

Since our founding in 1915, our fundamental philosophy at SODA AROMATIC as a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer has been to advance development and production of all sorts of products centering on odors, and to serve society through the sale of these products to customers. This has driven us to engage in research and development for all manner of flavors and fragrances, and to play a part in culture of odors. As a supporter of the culture of aromas, we have always guaranteed safety and quality right down to the raw materials, and were early adopters of measures to respect the surrounding environment in our production process. Our sincerity in this philosophy is supported by our internationally certified quality management (ISO-9001), environmental management (ISO-14001) and food safety (FSSC-22000) standards.

We also hold a secure position in the lactone industry, handling the world's largest variety of these aroma ingredients used in dairy products, and we are known as the "Lactone House of the World."

Additionally, we have constructed a total supply system in the Asian and ASEAN region with facilities in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore, and conduct business globally.

The fragrance, flavor, chemical, and aroma chemical businesses. Atop these four pillars, we are painting a glorious future with the invisible shades of odors.

Akihiko Ishimura
President and CEO