Macrocyclic Musks

Musk is a vital component in perfumes, originally gathered from musk deer.
Musk from musk deer was widely used in perfumes due to its prized sweet note, persistence and diffusiveness. However, commercial trading of animal-based musk was banned due to the risk of extinction posed to musk deer, and it has vanished from the market. With the loss of access to animal-based musk, synthetic musks have drawn interest as an alternative product.
Synthetic musk structures can be broadly separated into nitro, macrocyclic, polycyclic and alicyclic musks, and we produce macrocyclic musks. Macrocyclic musks are much safer than nitro musks, and are more biodegradable than polycyclic musks.


Pentalide is one of our specialty items, and its refined note and highly biodegradable structure have won it renown on the worldwide market, along with numerous patents. It is also antibacterial as an ingredient.



Very pleasant, elegant, sweet animalic musky odor with extreme tenacity.


Especially suited for alcoholic, cosmetic and soap fragrances.


CAS No. 106-02-5
FEMA No. 2840